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tissue level to cell level to biometrics ...


Cervical biopsy; FP;


Dermatological punch biopsy; FP;

Dermatological shave biopsy; FP;


Discoid lupus punch biopsy; FP;


Endometrial biopsy; FP; Infertility evaluation; Iodine; Laminaria; Lidocaine;


Excisional biopsy; FP; Also see: Fusiform excision;


Ferric sub-sulfate cervical biopsy; FP;


Incisional biopsy; FP; Also see: Fusiform excision;


Nail bed biopsy; FP;


Punch biopsy; FP; Also see: Contraindicate in toe; Kaposi sarcoma; Malignant lesions; Pemphigus vulgaris; Squamous cell carcinoma; Suture; Trephine;


Shave biopsy; FP; Pedunculated skin lesion; Genital wart;